Get published!

When it comes to building your resume and skills, PRSSA offers a lot of opportunities for students. One such opportunity is writing for PRSSA’s newspaper, FORUM, or the Progressions blog.

By writing for one (or both!) of these publications, students do a number of things, including:

-Improve writing skills, which are essential in any field within PR and communications;

-Get their name on a national publication seen by upwards of 12,000 people; and

-Add a valuable piece to their portfolio and resume.

Many students decide not to write for these publications because they are not confident in their writing skills, but the editors of both Progressions and FORUM are there to help! They provide valuable feedback and help you to create a well-written piece for publication.

Last year, UT PRSSA’s president Sam Watson had an article published on the front page of FORUM. Not only is her name at the very front of a national publication, but the University of Toledo is written right below her name. This brings recognition not only to the student, but to the chapter they represent as well!

If you are interested in writing for either publication (and you should be!), check out the News & Intelligence section of the PRSSA website for more information.