Why pay dues? Here’s why!

This year, your $70 dues will be due at our October 20 meeting so that the chapter can submit dues to PRSSA National by November 1. But what does that $70 get you, and what makes your membership worth that amount of money?

First of all, let’s explain where that money goes. Of the $70 you pay each year, $50 of that goes to PRSSA National, and $20 goes to our chapter for the $10/semester chapter dues. Chapter dues pay for things like marketing expenses, speaker expenses, and any other expenses that relate to the function of the chapter. Members who pay chapter dues are allowed to attend PRSA luncheons each month, any agency tours hosted by PRSSA, and other programming outside of meetings. The PRSSA National dues are what get you most of your benefits, and we’ll explain some of those benefits below:

These are only some of the many benefits of being a paid PRSSA member. Many more can be found on the PRSSA website, which is full of information.

If you’re unsure whether you’re ready to fully commit to PRSSA, there are other payment options for you. Attending regular meetings is always free to everyone, no matter what. For those who only pay chapter dues ($10/semester), there is still the opportunity to attend PRSA luncheons and other PRSSA programming outside of regular meetings (agency tours, socials, etc.) This option is new this year, because we want to make the benefits of PRSSA accessible to more members.

There also is an opportunity to pay national dues during spring semester. We will provide more information about this when it gets closer to the time for dues. No matter when you pay national dues, the $50 remains the same and so does the length of time you pay for (If you pay November dues, your membership lasts November-November the following year. If you pay March dues, your membership is March-March).

If you ever have questions about dues, feel free to email us at utoledoprssa@gmail.com. We’re always happy to help!