How Do I Join?

So you’re thinking about joining us? It’s easy!

Our general meetings are open to anyone who wants to join, and are always free of charge. Feel free to come to as many as you want to learn from speakers and participate in hands-on workshops. This type of membership is considered a Bronze membership. To get updates on meetings, email us at

For those who want to be more involved, there are Silver and Gold memberships as well.

A Silver membership costs $10 per semester or $20 for the year, and grants access to all chapter programming outside of general meetings. This includes attending PRSA Luncheons once a month, agency tours one or two times per semester, social events throughout the year, and more. To make things easier, you can consider a Silver membership as one that is at the Chapter level.

A Gold membership includes everything that a Silver membership does, plus recognition as a national member of PRSSA. This membership costs the $10 per semester Chapter dues, plus yearly $50 National dues. This $50 goes directly to PRSSA Headquarters and grants members access to scholarships, job and internship databases, the ability to attend National and Regional Conferences, the ability to write for PRSSA publications like FORUM and Progressions, and the ability to run for executive board positions at the Chapter and National level. This $50 can be paid in fall before November 1 each year and Spring before March 1 each year. The UT Chapter typically collects these dues at the closest meeting before this date, since we are required to mail one check for all paying members.

For more information about PRSSA National, visit their website at

All dues can be paid by cash or check made out to PRSSA.

We can’t wait to meet you!